Benefits of SiteOne Technology

3x Productivity

With a virtual office your personnel can increase their productivity by as much as three times. They’ll spend less time printing, sorting, signing, filing and driving and more time keeping your home buyers happy.

Time & Date Stamp

With secured system login, all work order communication is time and date stamped. With S1 Technology you will increase accountability, eliminate excuses and reduce your exposure.

Escalated Alerts

You set the expectations with your trade partners by scheduling the request notifications. If expectations are not being met, additional alerts will be sent to notify decision making team members.

Reduced Work Order Cycle Time

S1 Technology has taken the industry average of 27 days to complete a warranty service request and reduced it to under 10 days.
Real time information means real time solutions.

Instant Notifications

S1 Technology will notify trade partners instantly via email of all warranty service requests. Homeowners and builder representatives are also notified via email whenever there is an action taken. More communication means fewer surprises.

Increased Profits

Paperless Customer Service

SiteOne Technology is the nation’s only 100% paperless customer service process. With electronic buyer orientation walks, online service request submittal and approval, and electronic signature recognition, you will eliminate the need for paper in your customer service process and reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Fewer Resources = Lower Costs

With increased productivity, you obtain greater customer service coverage with fewer service personnel. Leverage your resources over more projects.

Mitigated Risk = Lower Insurance Premiums

SiteOne Technology will store, track and archive your project information for 10+ years. Photo documentation, three way communication between homeowner, trade partner and builder, and all communication, time and date stamped, leads to increased trade contractor accountability. Reducing your exposure to risk means lower insurance policies.

Customer Satisfaction = More Referrals

Through our homeowner portal, your customers can submit service requests online, getting to you in real-time. Once approved by your service personnel, your subcontractors will be notified instantly.