SiteOne Technology

SiteOne was founded on a disruptive idea: To provide seamlessly easy tools to facilitate and automate the service process for home builders and developers. Imagine instead of having a warranty department, you have a world class customer service delivery system. Two decades later we are delivering on that idea. Large, medium and small real estate developers trust SiteOne as their partner in delivering a customer experience second to none.

Who We Are: SiteOne a SAAS Company (Software as a Service)

SiteOne was the very first software as a service provider for builder warranty management. Over the past 20 years we have developed our software with a vision to “automate an extremely fragmented service process” by developing seamlessly easy tools. Our recent release of  SiteOne 4.0 ,utilizes the latest advances in technology with a new user interface, branded builder homeowner portals, online electronic acceptance of work requests, electronic homeowner manuals and warranties, local and global reporting, purchase order and back charge tracking, document retention, tools for managing insurance costs and mitigating risk, maintenance notifications and project communication.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Homeowner creates one or multiple work orders (a work request contains one or several work orders like in an orientation). The system will prompt the homeowner to refer to the warranty and maintenance guidelines prior to creating the work order. The request with each work order is sent via SiteOne to the builder representative assigned to the specific project or lot. Builder representatives are notified via email and text that a new request has been received.
  2. Builder representative logs in and views new work orders and assigns to trade, chooses to investigate further or denies the work request as unwarrantable and refers the owner to the warranty and guidelines documentation in their owner portal.
  3. When a work order is assigned to a trade, the builder representative will click a reassign button on the original work order. The Trade receives the work order in the trade/subcontractor portal and can view, schedule and enter a completed date. When a completed date is entered the original work order will go to the homeowner for acceptance.

Escalations and Documentation

Once a work order is assigned to a trade the work order begins to age. If the trade does not respond within a set time period to the work order the Site One system will re-issue. Note the work order also copies emails and texts to the individual responsible for the project on behalf of the trade. SiteOne will re-issue the same work request 3x. Each action will be documented as history on each work order including actions taken by builder representative, homeowners and trades. When an action is taken the homeowner and builder representative are notified. An example is a cabinet door has broken and the homeowner creates a request with an attached photo. The builder representative’s view the work order and re assigns to the cabinet trade. The cabinet trade views the photo and updates on the work order that the cabinet door has been ordered and is due to arrive 60 days from now. SiteOne automatically notifies all parties of the update. A world class customer service delivery system! Do your owners know today that the cabinet door is on order and 60 days from delivery?

  1. Apps: SiteOne currently has an app for builder representatives to create work orders, receive sign offs and complete orientations. SiteOne mobile interface allows all users use SiteOne in real time. Several new app’s are in the pipeline for end 2019 and 2020 for builders, trades and homeowners.
  2. Punchlist Manager: Use SiteOne to create pre -orientation lists for trades and document via photo and work order any trade specific issues. Punch list manager will organize lists by trade and provides a simple and fast tool to perform QC inspections. We have an app in development that will deliver another increase of productivity in addition to our current gain!