Homeowner Manuals and Notifications

Homeowner Manuals

Custom homeowner manuals with SiteOne proprietary software optimizes the buyer experience.

SiteOne has been partnering with home builders and developers in delivering service to homeowners for the past 20 years. Our manuals are created into 3 sections:

  1. Introduction from the builder, customer procedures describing your process, how to request service, contact info and a CLEAR review of what an owner can expect post COE.
  2. Builder Limited Warranty/MFG project standards with links to MFG/SB 800 and guidelines for California customers
  3. Maintenance guidelines and performance standards with automated notifications for seasonal required maintenance.

Additional Features

  1. We will create a custom Homeowner Manual using your logo, colors and customer procedures
  2. Insert your limited warranty/Sb 800 guideline for our California customers
  3. Includes our maintenance and performance standards
  4. Uploaded to your homeowner portal in a custom easy to find location
  5. Maintenance notifications require confirmation of electronic acceptance
  6. Search tools for owners to search the documents for real time info