Builder Custom Reporting


SiteOne 4.0 will allow builders to dive into critical warranty data for companies looking to manage a best in class service delivery. Company-wide reports and graphs to recognize critical data points like aging, total open work requests, total closed work requests, cost per lot, cost per project, cost per market, cost per region, cost company wide.  An executive of a 25 home builder or a 40,000 home builder can access in real time critical data points and data mine specific cost benefit issues that can be improved during the planning and construction period.

Purchase Orders/Back Charges

Track in real time Purchase Orders by lot, by trade, by issue. Use or purchase order system to identify common costly occurrences that can be corrected in construction and avoided. Track purchase order to back charge received. SiteOne work flow ensures that any trades that are deemed necessary to receive a back charge are notified in real time. Accounting department can export our purchase order/back charge data or integrate for seamless workflow.